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Organization-Events Floscel and Elisabeth Aubert
"Thanks to our long and broad experience in tourism, we're able to select the very best services and organize really memorable trips. What we offer beyond the average tour in France is a truly unforgettable experience of the French. We wish all our visitors a very warm 'Bienvenue en France'!" (Floscel and Elisabeth Aubert)

Bienvenue en France is a French travel agency specialized in organizing tours in France. Offering top-quality tours throughout the country for some 60 years, it has acquired vast knowledge and experience of travel organizations and French events. Registered by the French government, Bienvenue en France selects the very best service providers in organizing its tours, guaranteeing you an unforgettable experience, of the highest quality.

Born in 1930, in the North of France, Bernard Aubert and his family had to flee to Normandy in 1940. They hoped to find refuge there from the war but were soon caught in the middle of it. Like any other boy of his age, Bernard lived from day to day but, being impish, curious and intelligent, didn't let the daily dangers overwhelm or frighten him. A good pupil at school, he enjoyed learning. His teachers found that he had an ear for languages.

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