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Balzac loved his little bedroom, on the 3rd floor, for the silence and stillness that helped him work twelve or sixteen hours a day. He was also inspired by the village of Saché and set his novel Le Lys dans la Vallée in the idyllic atmosphere of the Indre river valley.

“Jardin à la Française”(2):

2-ENG-Villandry-garden-castle-loire-valley-france -[1] ロワール川沿いに佇むヴィランドリー城と庭園 The garden's three terraces express three different worlds:
- The box designs of the Jardin d'Ornement (ornamental garden) signify l'Amour Tendre (symbolized by heart shapes), l'Amour Passionné (the heart broken by passion), l'Amour Volage (fickle feelings symbolized by butterfly wings) and l'Amour Tragique (swords used in a duel of rival lovers).
- The Jardin d'eau (water garden) is a perfect environment for meditating.
- The Jardin des Simples (herb garden) contains aromatic, medicinal and culinary herbs.

Gourmet dinner and overnight stay at a chateau hotel.

One of the two museum (3):

3-ENG-lalique-museum-alsace-france2- the new Lalique museum Five centuries ago, a few nomadic glass blowers built a makeshift kiln in a rugged valley in the Northern Vosges region. These pioneers started an extraordinary industrial and artistic adventure which continues today.


3-ENG-cristal from SAint Louis-Alsace- Saint Louis Museum : Louis XV gave Münzthal the prestigious title of Verrerie Royale de Saint-Louis (Saint Louis Royal Glassworks). Since 1829, the factory has been exclusively devoted to the production of crystal-glass items. With the famous Trianon set, the glassworks introduced the concept of a matched set of glasses for the dining table. Today, the Saint Louis works produces everyday crystal pieces created by master glassmakers and glasscutters who have been awarded Meilleurs Ouvriers de France recognition.


Haut Koenigsbourg castle(4)

4-ENG-Hautkoenisgburg castle© Floscel AUBERT-www.aubert-ermisse.comThe town of Sélestat presented the castle to Kaiser Wilhelm II von Hohenzollern in 1899. He commissioned architect Bodo Eberhardt, a specialist in medieval fortifications, to restore it.


Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg(5)

Strasbourg Cathedral - Alsace - France アルザス・ストラスブール大聖堂© Lotharingia - Also known as Strasbourg Minster, this is a Roman Catholic cathedral. While many parts are in the Romanesque architectural style, it is widely considered to be among the finest examples of high or late Gothic architecture.


The “Hospices de Strasbourg”(6)

6-ENG-strasbourg hospices winery Alsace France © Floscel AUBERT-www.aubert-ermisse.comThese cellars were created in 1395, under the medieval Strasbourg hospital. They served as a place to store wine for Holy Communion – and for patients, since it was believed that wine lessened pain and other effects of illness.