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French history and cultural heritage: These tours focus on the most beautiful monuments, sometimes Unesco World Heritage sights, the discovery of historic villages, natural parks, churches, cathedrals, major historical sights and some hidden treasures that visitors have rarely have the opportunity to see.

Painters, writers, famous men and women: Be it the cultural history of the Loire Valley or the heritage of the famous painters in the suburbs of Paris and on the French Riviera - France is a country of art and culture. We visit the museums, birthplaces or villages associated closely with famous men and women.

Parks and Gardens à la Française are a delight to the eye and add splendour to the buildings and sculptures. Between the landscaped gardens, festivals, son et lumière illuminations, etc. France expresses a deep love of nature.

Gastronomy and oenology are important words in France. Beside the famous wines of Bordeaux and the festive champagnes, the great wines of the Loire Valley cannot be missed. Visits to vineyards and local markets highlight the epicurean character of the French. As for gastronomy, each region has its unique identity and its own specialities. Bienvenue en France offers food tasting, cooking classes by some of the most famous chefs or patisserie-making classes. Our theme tours give an in-depth insight into French history and cultural heritage and French gastronomy and oenology.

French luxury and romanticism are mythical! From shopping in Paris to the French Riviera Palaces to Monaco or St Tropez or a private dinner-cruise in Paris on a luxurious yacht, your stay in France will take on a new dimension!